1)    Who are you?

Chan Sneakers was founded in 2016 as a retailer of rep sneakers. In 2018, we were interviewed by VICE NEWS about our industry and operations. We are based in the city of Putian, China.

2)    Does the price include shipping?

Yes, our prices include free shipping to the US and Canada.  Due to the recent price increases by all major couriers we do have to charge $20 an item for shipping outside of the US and Canada

3)    What currency is your site in?

Everything is sold in US Dollars.  You can change the currency at the top of our page to get a general idea what it would cost in your currency, however, when you checkout you have to switch it back to USD otherwise you will get an error. 

4)    What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Credit Card, Cash App or Coin Base.

5)    How long does it take to process my order?

In most cases we will email you your tracking # one week after you have placed your order.

6)    How long is the delivery time?

Shipping to the US and Canada takes 7-10 days, to Europe and other countries roughly 2 weeks.  Shipping times depend on how fast your package can clear customs.

7)    What is your return/exchange policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL, we operate on a strict NO RETURNS and NO EXCHANGES policy. This is due to the prohibitive cost of shipping back to China. In general, you would be looking at a minimum of $80 to return a pair of sneakers to us which we will not cover. We highly recommend that if your sneakers do not fit well, you can try to sell them on local marketplace. Our sneakers are all highly sought-after models and you should have no problem asking for more than what you paid for!

8)    I received a tracking # but it only states Shipment Information Received and hasn’t updated.

If you see this message it is completely normal.  We state when we send you your tracking # that your tracking # WILL NOT UPDATE until it clears customs which is the longest part of the shipping process.  Once it clears customs it will be delivered 3 days later.

9)    I see there are many sites with your name which is the real one?

ChanzSneakers.co is our only website, beware of scammers using our name.  You will lose your money purchasing from those other sites.  This is our main Instagram page as well https://www.instagram.com/chanzsneakers.co/


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